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Wednesday, April 26, 2017  03:36 PM | By: Matt Dow
Help Your Trade Show Booth Shine

Prepare For Your Trade Show

If you are participating in a trade show or expo, it is important to stand out from other companies who are also exhibiting their products and services. To garner the attention of your potential customers, incorporate one or more of these expert exhibitor tips to help your trade show booth shine.

Focus on Visual Impact

Trade Show Booth

First and foremost, you must get your trade show attendees to venture over to your booth. In addition to pre-show advertising, it is important for your booth to make a visual impact and draw the eye of those who are attending the show. Custom signage should be created to display at or near your booth. In addition, tablecloths can add an extra polished touch. For table displays, consider adding table signage to instantly inform your prospects about your product and service offering. There are plenty of affordable options to choose from, and this final detail can make the difference between an attendee walking past your booth or stopping in for a quick product demo.

Be sure that your booth graphics align with your brand and present your company in a flattering light. You will also want to ensure that all items placed within the booth stay put. You can use duct tape to secure your marketing signage or affix your tablecloth directly to your trade show table to ensure that nothing goes haywire mid-show.

Organized Samples & Literature

Display Racks Hold Tradeshow Collateral

Attendees at the show like to view and demo products firsthand, so be sure your booth is stocked with a broad selection of product samples. Take the extra time to create an attractive product showcase, so booth visitors can easily see what you have to offer. If possible, reserve an area specifically for product demos and continually demonstrate your product throughout the day.

If your company is more service oriented, be sure to have plenty of product literature on hand. Include short and concise sales collateral for those who show interest as well as more detailed product brochures for those who are further along the sales cycle. Group literature by service type and ensure that you offer a takeaway to every person who stops at your booth. Consider adding a stylish literature rack to your booth’s entrance for those who are interested but may not have time to stop by the booth for a full sales presentation.

Professional & Knowledgeable Staff

Hire Friendly Staff For Tradeshows

When an attendee does make the decision to visit your booth, it is vital that they receive prompt attention from a professional and knowledgeable company representative. Staff who are responsible for manning your trade show booth should always be dressed appropriately and wear a nametag to encourage open discussion. They should also be able to quickly educate prospects on the advantages of using your products and services.

Depending on the popularity of your trade show and how much foot traffic you will see each day, it may be necessary to staff your booth with multiple people to ensure that every visitor receives the personalized attention they deserve. Each of your team members should also have an appointment book on hand to schedule a more thorough sales meeting with those prospects who are close to closing. There is no better time than when you have their undivided attention, so trade shows are a great time to lock in additional face time with potential high value customers.



Sample and product giveaways are another great way to get additional traffic into your booth. If possible, allocate a certain number of giveaway products to distribute to your booth visitors. If your business is service oriented, consider giving away your services to one or more prospects for free as part of a raffle contest.

If stock or budgetary limitations prevent you from giving away a product or service you carry, consider giving away promotional items instead. Trade show attendees love freebies, so pens, USB drives, calendars, mouse pads and other lower cost items can be just the ticket to get visitors to stop by your booth. If possible, order some branded items and turn your trade show booth into a live marketing tool by providing your target market with branded items they will take with them and use frequently in their daily life.