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Thursday, June 08, 2017  12:39 PM | By: Matt Dow
Moving Must Haves: Stock Up on Packing Supplies

Get Ready For Your Move!

Whether you are packing up for a fresh start in a brand new city or simply moving across town, there are certain things you need to have to make your move an easy one. As packing, shipping and delivery experts, My Office Innovations knows what you need to have a smooth and efficient move. Here’s our list of moving must haves to help you save time and stress.


The first thing you’ll need is boxes, and plenty of them. You’ll want to pack heavier items in smaller boxes to make it easier to transport them, while you’ll use larger boxes to move many smaller, lighter items. For this reason, it is important to have an ample supply of several box sizes.

We prefer SmoothMove™ Moving Boxes from Bankers Box, because many of them come with built-in handles. They are also durable enough to protect your valuables, keep them safe during extended storage and use again for additional moves in the future. Whatever type of box you choose, be sure they are strong enough to fully support your items.


You’ll want to consider renting furniture pads or protecting the exterior of cherished furniture with old towels and blankets. This will protect them from the dents and scratches that will often come with any move. In addition, you’ll want to protect items on the interior of your moving boxes. Plates, glassware, figurines, collectibles and anything else of value should be heavily padded prior to placing it in the box. For some items, simply crumpling up newspaper will do the trick. For other items, you may want to purchase bubble wrap or other more padded packing supplies.


Tape, tape and more tape! If there’s one thing you’ll need a ton of when you are gearing up for a move, it’s packing tape. We like Scotch Commercial-Grade Shipping and Packaging Tape, because it is more durable during rough handling.

The Duck HP260 Commercial High-Performance Tape from Shurtech Brands is another good option because it is specially designed for long-term storage and is perfectly suited for shipping, moving, storage, and label protection.

Whichever brand or brands you choose, be sure to get more than you think you’ll need. You will use it. Also, be sure to have a tape gun for easy tape cutting and application. Many models and brands feature antimicrobial handles and safety blades to protect your hands from germs, cuts and scrapes.



Label everything, and we mean everything. Label the tops and sides of boxes for one-glance reading, so you will know which boxes to put where, when you arrive at your new location. Label fragile items accordingly, as well, to protect them from potential damage caused by careless box handling. We truly feel there is no better item for quick and easy box labeling than the good ol’ Sharpie. Have one (or two or three) on hand during your packing period for seamless box labeling.