Wednesday, June 17, 2015  11:21 AM | By: Hayley Morphis
Finding Privacy in Collaborative Workspaces

Do you feel like your personal space bubble is being popped by some of your coworkers lately? You are not alone!

With office space rent on the rise across the country, businesses are looking to cut costs where they can. One of the easiest cuts to make may be employee personal space.

Offices are shifting from the old-fashioned cubicle lifestyle to a more collaborative workspace. Individual desks are dwindling, promoting an open floor plan and forcing employees to work in closer proximity. Some office spaces do not even offer permanent desk space, encouraging employees to work via laptop in the common areas provided, whether that be at a table or on a sofa. While this layout is more relaxed and productive for collaboration purposes, the sense of privacy at work seems to be lost.

If you are looking for privacy in your collaborative work environment, consider using one of the following products:

Kantek Privacy Screen Filter

Kantek Privacy Screen Filter

Pacon Privacy Board

Compucessory Privacy
Screen Filter Black

Framed Privacy Filter for
Widescreen Desktop Monitor

Laptop/Flat Panel
Privacy Filter

Quartet Workstation
Privacy Screen

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