Tuesday, July 21, 2015  10:24 AM | By: Hayley Morphis
Back to School Tips for Parents

Preparing for the return to the classroom is kind of similar to preparing for a vacation, just not quite as fun. As a parent, you may create an itinerary for an average school day, and there is lots of shopping to do before the first day of class. While you may have picked up some book covers and pencil sharpeners already, there are a few important items that are not usually covered on every back to school list.

A Fresh Pair of Kicks (Maybe Two)

Chances are, your child has grown significantly since ending school in June. Sometimes, children are unpredictable. They run and roll through the mud, or they manage to trip over a tree branch, and ruin their shoes. Most likely, they will need a new pair before school starts to ensure that they look good for their first day, and for picture day. For students who attend schools that require uniforms, look for a shoe such as a slip-on dress shoe or boat shoe, as that may be more comfortable than an oxford shoe with laces that can be tough for them to tie. Check with your child’s school before purchasing shoes to see what is allowed and what is not.

A Strong New Backpack

Maybe you bought your child a backpack of their favorite cartoon character that he or she thinks is too cool for them this year. Or maybe you already bought a backpack. No matter what case your in, you may want to purchase two backpacks before the school year, just in case your child accidentally tears it while filling it up with books. It can be tough to find a good, reliable backpack once the back-to-school sales stop, so finding two right now will be easier than running from store-to-store in October if it breaks.

Pack A Lunch

Did you know that almost half of all middle school students that pay for school lunches eat less than two servings of fruit everyday?  That statistic from the University of Michigan Health System should be shocking enough to encourage your child to eat a healthy lunch everyday. Packing lunches for your children may take some time out of your morning, but will help you save money and help your children eat well.  It can also be a fun activity with younger kids to figure out what they would enjoy for lunch. 

Get To Know Your Child’s Teacher

Ever wanted to know more about the instructor your child spends six hours with everyday? On the first day of classes, have your child hand in an index card with spots so he or she can fill in his or her name, favorite color, favorite restaurants, best way to get in touch, etc. This will make things easier for you to contact the teacher and will help give you some gift ideas for the holidays and teacher appreciation day.

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