Friday, July 24, 2015  01:42 PM | By: Matt Dow
Teacher Tips for a Fun & Educational School Year

The first week of school is an exciting time. Sure, there may have been a few bumps getting there (or getting through it), but you are through the roughest part of the school year! The saying “practice makes perfect” can apply to both your students and yourself. Make your life easier in the classroom with a few of these suggestions from teachers like you:

Stay Stocked on School Supplies

Stocked on Supplies

Come January, your educational supplies drawer may look empty. Don’t have your dry erase markers become as dry as the Sahara Desert or have over-sharpened pencils.  Send an e-mail or letter to parents/guardians and students asking if they have any extra supplies to donate to the classroom. This is a great way to save costs out of your pocket.

Become Friendly With Your School’s Foreign Language Teachers.

Become Friends

Many students come from home where English is not their primary language. A study from George Washington University states that one in ten students are English language learners, meaning that English is not their primary language. However, less than one percent of instructors are qualified to teach English as a second language.

Having a point of contact for a parent who speaks another language, such as a foreign language teacher or someone on the PTA who speaks that language, will make communicating with these parents easier. Diversity is a great thing to have in a classroom, and can allow you to learn about someone’s culture outside of the classroom!

Apps & Websites Are Your Friends

Apps and Websites

With social media and the Internet playing a prominent role in the world outside of the classroom, there are some tools and apps that can come in handy inside of the classroom. You can set up a website on WordPress or Wix as a place for students to check for homework and class updates.

Apps can also be helpful for students or parents. Remind can help you get in touch with a student or parent about a project immediately, like a text message would. Chalkup is an app that can be used by students, teachers, and administrators to help balance workloads and figure out how much time it takes for someone to complete assignments.



You truly want to be your best in front of your students. Smiling in front of your students will motivate them to succeed. Even on the roughest of days, you will need to be strong in front of your students, as you are the one making a difference in their lives. A good way to think about it is to hold yourself up to the same expectations that you would want your students to uphold.

Reward Your Students

Reward Your Students

Setting up a reward system for students when they do good work in the classroom is a great way to keep them motivated.

Start off with a few simple rewards that can be easily attainable for students with good behavior: such as giving them line leader privileges, or free time. Some teachers say that they create a “salary” for their students, and can earn money through doing their work and good behavior. They can save up their “salary” for a pizza party or a movie and popcorn day in the classroom.  Rewarding your students will let them be motivated in the classroom.

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