Thursday, January 12, 2017  09:14 AM | By: Hayley Morphis
Accessorize Your Sit-Stand Workstation

You’ve just bought your very first sit-stand workstation and are excited to receive many of the benefits they offer. One challenge you may have discovered is that your desk accessory requirements have changed. When you begin to work from a standing position frequently throughout the day, you will notice that you need a different category of office products and furniture accessories to assist you. Below are a few ways to accessorize your sit-stand workstation for optimal comfort and productivity.

Take Care of Yourself

Since you are probably not accustomed to standing for long periods, the first thing you may notice is that your feet and legs are tiring more easily. You want your new workstation to work for you, rather than against you. While supportive footwear is highly recommended, there are also a few helpful desk accessories that can provide added comfort.

Anti-fatigue sit stand desk mats are ideal for providing relief for sore feet. By adding this extra padded surface beneath you, you will notice an immediate difference in the level of stress being placed on your lower extremities. Be sure to purchase a high-quality anti-fatigue mat, as durability will be key to you enjoying this particular item for years to come. Foot rests and stools also provide your lower body with much needed rest by allowing you to distribute your weight differently throughout the day.

Mount Your Monitor

Mount Your Monitor

When you switch from sitting to standing, your monitor, keyboard and other electronics need to adjust to meet you. Not only will having a correctly positioned monitor decrease eye strain, but it will also allow you to maintain your posture throughout the day, which is vital to your back health. There are several available monitor, laptop and keyboard mounts and risers available that can enable you to lift these items up to a more appropriate height.

In addition, removing these items from the surface area of your new sit-stand workstation will free up desk space and allow you to work more seamlessly throughout the day. By utilizing monitor mounts, keyboard risers and other sit-stand desk accessories, you will be able to increase your productivity and decrease the strain that is placed on your body when you stand up to work.

Feeling Tired? Take a Seat

While the point of sit-stand workstations is to encourage you to stand as often as possible, it is important and even healthy for you to take a seat every now and again. Of course, now that you are at an elevated desk, a standard desk chair may no longer be suitable. There are several stools and other elevated office chair options for you to use as an accessory to your sit-stand workstation.

Some of these stools are adjustable, allowing you to lower or raise your position at various points throughout your work week. Others feature rolling casters, so you can briskly move from one side of your office to another with ease. With varying degrees of padding and a plethora of other features available, it is wise to speak to someone who can help you locate the ideal stool or sit-stand chair for your needs.