Thursday, May 25, 2017  08:11 AM | By: Matt Dow
End of Year Preparations for a Fantastic Summer

Get Ready for Summer!

Another school year has come and gone, which means it’s time for another fun-filled, action-packed summer. To ensure your family is able to enjoy every minute, take some time to finalize these end-of-the-year preparations for a fantastic summer.

Get Registered

If you want your kids to stay active during the summer months, enroll them in sports activities or summer camps. Whether your little one wants to attend a summer camp that encompasses many different sports and outdoor activities or would prefer to focus on a single sport or hobby, summer camps and other children’s summer activities are a great way to keep the imagination going all summer long. These activities can fill up fast, though, so be sure to turn in your required paperwork and any necessary fees by the registration deadlines.

Try Something New

Kid Covered in Paint

If you are able to take a vacation, it’s important to plan your trip, book your airfare and hotel accommodations, and schedule any tours long before you actually plan to depart. Take the time to do the necessary pre-trip planning, and you can leave your worries behind at home.

For those who are unable to take a leave of absence from work or simply don’t have the budgetary allowance for an extended getaway, check out your local community calendar for affordable or free local events. The summer months bring many fun and exciting outdoor festivals, fairs, concerts and other entertaining activities that would be great for you and your family. Check the event calendars frequently and save special dates, so you don’t miss out on any local, family-friendly fun!

Mark Important Dates


School orientation? Back-to-school shopping? Physicals? Schedule the appointments, fill out the paperwork and mark these important dates on the calendar now. There’s nothing worse than having deadlines and due dates looming over your head all summer long. It’s important for you to enjoy the summer with your family, so be sure to complete any of the items that you can and make notes on your calendar for any remaining tasks. This way, you can forget about your administrative parenting duties and be in the moment all summer long.

Keep Learning Alive

Kid With Glasses Reading Book

While summer is definitely a time for outdoor fun, it is important to maintain your children’s interest in learning and continue to expand their minds and skill sets. A lot can be learned from the great outdoors. Count the clouds, discover different types of insects or learn about water safety. There are many ways to learn while you enjoy the summer sun. In addition, there are plenty of scholastic activity books you can purchase and hundreds of exciting learning apps you can download to your devices, from apps that will help you learn a new language to ones to keep your fractions in check. There’s no harm in taking some time out from all the fun in the sun to keep learning alive, especially when you utilize fun learning games along the way.