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Inspire Your Classroom With 3M Products

3M Products to Make Teaching Easier

You work hard on creating a classroom that encourages collaboration and creativity. So, why not stock your classroom with products that will allow you to focus on that, and make the everyday tasks easier? 3M has various solutions to help you stay organized within your classroom or come up with fun craft ideas for the classroom.

Post-it Notes

Two Stacks of Yellow Post-It Notes

Have plenty of these for notes to call back parents, or to mark what hasn’t been graded yet. There are also plenty of activities you can incorporate with Post-Its. You can get creative too and use Post-It notes to have Q&A’s about reading material or other concepts that a student does not understand. Take our quiz to see what world of color set best fits your tastes.

Post-it Super Sticky Dry Erase Surface

Find that you don’t have enough space on your current whiteboard? The Super Sticky Dry Erase Surface can easily be installed on any walls within your classroom. This solution works great for smaller classrooms that are separated by partitions. This can also be used to re-surface your existing whiteboard.

Post-it Easel Pads

Post-It Note Easel

If your class involves spelling lessons or handwriting activities, then this easel is a perfect addition. This is also great to have in classrooms with multiple teachers where you may not be able to remove something from a whiteboard or chalkboard. Like the smaller version of Post-it notes that you may have on your desk, these pads allow for you to take your notes and stick them to most surfaces.

Scotch Thermal Laminating Machines & Pouches

Laminators can serve lots of purposes within the classroom. Whether it’s coming up with strips to practice spelling, or creating “whiteboards” for each of your students to hold up to see if everyone’s getting your lesson, there’s tons of uses for laminators and laminating pouches within the classroom. If you’re looking for some project ideas, gazette offers some great ideas for how you can use a laminator in your classroom.

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