Monday, October 09, 2017  08:57 AM | By: Hayley Morphis
Ways To Use Avery Binders Outside The Office

Avery Binders: Not Just For The Workplace

There are plenty of ways to use Avery binders outside the office. High-quality, durable Avery binders can help organize any person’s life, whether you are a parent, home chef, scrapbooker, gardener, amateur photographer or have nearly any other interest or hobby.

Creative Ways to Use Avery Binders Outside the Office

Recipe Book


Recipe Binder

Whether you are cooking up elegant, homemade dishes that take hours of preparation or simply need a central location for all of your “15 minutes or less” dinner recipes, Avery binders are the ideal tool to keep you organized in the kitchen. The durable construction will hold up in the event you drop water or other ingredients on it, and the surface is easily cleaned with a quick wipe.

Seed Bank

Plant Sprouting

With several widths to choose from, Avery binders are a great way to organize both small and large seed banks alike. Simply purchase Avery business card pages or pocket binder sheets and slip your seeds into the dividers. Be sure to alphabetize them for easy viewing and access later. It’s also a good idea to leave a few blank spaces for every letter. This will be a huge time-saver when it comes time to add new seeds down the road.

Budget Binder

Binder with Pen, Dividers, and Calculator

If you are in charge of your family’s finances or simply in charge of your own personal budget, an Avery binder can be used to keep your bills and other financial statements together and organized for tax season. Organized by month or bill/statement type, financial binders can help families and individuals keep track of their finances, stay on budget and more easily achieve their savings goals.

Photo Albums

Baby Photo Album

Avery binders are great at protecting your most valued possessions, including your most treasured family photos. Avery binders can be customized with a child’s name, family name, location name and more to create one-of-a-kind keepsakes to celebrate favorite memories, vacations, events and more, and by adding Avery photo storage pages, you can keep photos fingerprint- and dust-free to ensure they stay protected for years to come.

Coupon Binder

Coupon Binder Example

Couponing can save you tons of money, but organizing all of the coupons can get overwhelming. With the help of a durable Avery binder, along with binder pockets and other insertable accessories, coupons can be organized according to product type, store, and a variety of other categories. With your coupons organized, you’ll have more time to shop - and save!

Scrapbook Book/Supply

Scrapbook Example

Avery binders can be used as scrapbooks or a tool to organize your scrapbook supplies. There is a wide variety of sizes, styles and designs from which to choose, so whether you need to organize your specialty papers and stickers or want to create a new binder for the upcoming school year, Avery products can help you create a professional, fun and durable place to store it all. Customize your binder or purchase an Avery view binder so that you can insert a customized title page on the front of the binder. Get creative and make it pop!