Monday, November 06, 2017  03:01 PM | By: Hayley Morphis
What to Consider If You're Shipping Your Holiday Gifts

What You Must Know Before Shipping Gifts

The holidays are upon us, and with friends and loved ones spread out across the country, you might find yourself shipping more and more gifts with each passing year. Be sure to take a few moments to review what to consider if you’re shipping your holiday gifts by viewing the below shipping information to avoid any mishaps.

Choose Presents Carefully

Present with Lantern

First and foremost, be careful about what types of gifts you are purchasing. If you know that you are going to have to ship the gift, it is best to choose something that will fit easily into an envelope or box. If you are buying the product online, you can often opt for gift wrapping at checkout for an additional fee and send your gifts directly from the merchant to your recipient to save additional time and energy.

Rely on Durable Shipping Materials

Box Wrapped Up

When choosing the boxes, envelopes, tape and other materials you will be using to ship your package, opt for higher quality products that will protect your presents during shipment. Boxes should be sturdy enough to withstand bumps along the way, and envelopes should be made with strong materials to prevent ripping or damage in the event the envelope gets wet or is roughly handled. Quality Park has a selection of high-quality, durable mailers that will protect a range of presents without breaking the bank. From expandable envelopes and cd/dvd mailers to bubble mailers, fiberboard photo mailers and everything in between, Quality Park and similar manufacturers have shipping products that are ideal for shipping presents of nearly any type or size.

Protect & Insure Gifts

Person Carrying Multiple Boxes

If you are shipping items that can easily become damaged in transit, be sure to pad and protect the items within the box or envelope to further protect your presents. Use sealed air bubble wrap from companies like 3M and Quality Park to cushion delicate or fragile items. And, if your presents are valuable, it is a good idea to spend the extra money to insure your gifts through delivery. This will ensure that if your item arrives badly damaged or gets lost in the mail, you will be able to replace the item at no additional cost to you.

Print Your Shipping Labels

Shipping Label Printed Out

If you don’t want to worry about whether your address labels are written clearly enough to get your packages to their destination, simply print them out. Better yet, print them on high-quality shipping labels that won’t come off or be ruined by heat, moisture or other elements. There are plenty of high quality shipping labels ideal for shipping your packages, and some mailers, like a few of those available from Quality Park, come with labels that are specifically designed to adhere to your mailer of choice.

Ship Early

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The various shipping companies will likely get busier as the holidays approach, so be sure to get your packages shipped out on time to avoid next-day or priority shipping fees. If you are shipping overseas, you may need to get your packages shipped by the end of November for them to arrive on time. Check the USPS Holiday Deadline Schedule or speak to your preferred delivery driver at your carrier of choice for recommended ship-by dates.