Tuesday, July 15, 2014  08:00 AM | By: Matt Dow
MyOfficeInnovations.com Launches New Website, Marketing Strategy

MyOfficeInnovations.com, the consumer Office Products division of HiTouch Business Services has launched a new version of their website along with an aggressive marketing strategy.

Nashville, TN (July 10, 2014) – MyOfficeInnovations.com is proud to announce the release of its new and enhanced website, geared toward business-to-consumer (B2C) sales. Leveraging VIBENet, Thalerus Group's cloud-based ERP solution, the website can now better accommodate B2C sales and marketing strategies within the online Office Products market.

The new website boasts several new features, including: search engine friendly architecture, enhanced navigation, robust analytics data collection, an updated design, ample room for product promotions and a blog component titled “MyInnovator”.

“We felt it was time to take MyOfficeInnovations.com to the next level. We had the technology, the staff and the experts within our industry from a marketing and product perspective. It was just a matter of leveraging and aligning our resources to make it happen”, stated Butch Johnson Executive Vice President at HiTouch Business Services. “We are excited to begin this new phase of our website and to see how its potential unfolds”.

From a marketing perspective, the new site plans to take advantage of several online and offline marketing techniques. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), paid search (PPC), remarketing, social media, email marketing and content marketing are all part of the mix. However, to round out the overall marketing strategy traditional methods such as direct mail will also be used.

“We know that to get ahead in the space today you really have to engage and interact with your potential customer from all angles, especially within the Office Products market, where competition is steep”, explains Matthew Dow, Manager, Direct e-Commerce at HiTouch Business Services.

The site also boasts several features meant to enhance the overall user experience including an HP Supplies Finder, the “MyRewards” program, an ink & toner finder and product videos.

For more information please contact Matthew Dow at 615.507.3887.

About MyOfficeInnovations.com
MyOfficeInnovations started its journey into the Office Supply industry in 2010. MyOfficeInnovations has now become one of the industry's most dependable leaders for supplying US consumers and businesses with a full range of products for the small business and the home office. Our nationwide distribution resources span the 48 contiguous states with an offering of over 35,000 products that can be delivered in one (1) to five (5) days. Our core product offering includes a full line of office supplies, paper, toner and ink, coffee and breakroom items, furniture and cleaning items.