Thursday, July 17, 2014  04:00 AM | By: Matt Dow
BIC’s Unique Venture: The Universal Typeface Project

When you think of a pen, the classic BIC pen comes to mind. You have probably used hundreds of them and misplaced just as many. Since the 1950s, BIC has created the iconic ballpoint pen that has been used in schools, offices and homes worldwide. But how could they possibly enhance on something as simple as a pen. Well BIC has announced a revolutionary new project that they are working on called, The Universal Typeface Project.

BIC’s innovative project brings together the entire world by having people submit their handwriting samples in the form of the alphabet. So far, over 1 million samples have been entered from over 115 different countries. Anyone with a touch screen can submit their handwriting samples right to BIC and will be included in the final algorithm when the project is complete. After submitting, you can compare your writing to those in other countries such as Romania, Austria and many more. What is probably the most amazing part is that there are samples being submitted every second so the font is constantly changing. You can check out handwriting samples broken down by categories like country, gender or age. Once, BIC has compiled all the handwriting samples, you will be able to download the brand new font for your personal use.

Have you submitted yet?