Friday, July 25, 2014  06:00 AM | By: Butch Johnson
Office Creepers: Why You Need a Privacy Filter

There are times that we work on client sensitive projects and we do not want prying eyes to see. You may be on a flight while working on a private document and your neighbor may be a little nosy. Now may be the time for you to get a laptop privacy filter. What is truly wonderful about privacy filters is that once placed on the screen, you won’t even know it’s there. Need some more convincing? Read on.

Protect Your Screen

Let’s face it, we can all be a little clumsy sometimes and one of the worst feelings is after you drop your laptop. You hold your breath as you pick it up and dread opening it. However, if you had laptop privacy filters on your laptops, you will get an extra layer of protection to help guard against accidental drops, scratches and dust.

Cut Out Glare

Sitting at a café, getting some work done and enjoying some sunshine. Sounds picturesque right? But what about when that pesky sun sneaks in and shines onto your screen and you can’t see a thing. Another bonus point to a privacy filter because it will actually help to reduce glare. Essentially they are like blinds because it sends the screen to your eyes though several layers of micro-louvers which filters out reflected light.

Keep Secure Screens Secure

The main purpose of a privacy filter is to stave off prying eyes. You can check personal bank accounts, send private emails or keep confidential information confidential. When you look at the screen straight on, you won’t even notice its on there. But when someone looks at your screen from the side or from on top, the screen will appear blank. It’s like magic just like a Kantek privacy filter.

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