Tuesday, August 05, 2014  10:10 AM | By: Matt Dow
Enter to Win a Pentel Packed Backpack
win a backpack filled with our favorite Pentel pens

In my opinion, teachers are superheroes. Pentel’s Heroes Contest inspired us so much that we’ve decided to hold our own, with more of a back to school theme. On our Facebook page, share your story about a teacher who inspired you (be it one of your own teachers or your child’s teacher). Include some details on how he or she made a positive impact in your life. When you do, you’ll automatically be entered to win a backpack filled with our favorite Pentel pens, pictured. Save money on pens and a new backpack for your child or yourself. There are plenty of pens to go around in this backpack. Share them with other parents or your classmates. What you do with them is up to you.

Friday, September 13 at 11:59pm is the last day to enter, so head over to our page and get your story in now. In a random drawing, we’ll select and announce a winner on or about September 15.


I’m so thankful for Ms. Smith. Every year my child’s school holds Relay for Life. Ms. Smith encouraged my child and her classmates to get involved. She taught them the importance of giving back. In case you’re not familiar with Relay for Life, it’s an organized community fundraiser that often lasts 24 hours. Family friendly food and activities are provided as attendees get together in the fight against cancer. This past year, Ms. Smith volunteered to camp out and supervise her students for parents who were unable to attend the full 24 hours, myself being one of them. The day before the event, we baked cupcakes that my child sold at the fundraiser. The money from the sales went straight to the organization for cancer research, support, and recovery. As my child moves onto high school, she’ll never forget the memories she made at Relay for Life with Ms. Smith and her classmates. In addition, my child is more mindful about helping others. She recently led a food drive at our church and credits Ms. Smith for desire to give back.

Be sure your Facebook page allows you to receive messages from users you are not friends with. We’ll notify the winner on our Facebook page and via a private message that we’ll send to their Facebook inbox. You’ll have seven days from the day of initial contact to respond. If we don’t hear back by the eighth day, you’ll no longer be eligible to win the prize and we’ll select another winner.