Friday, September 15, 2017  09:30 AM | By: Butch Johnson
What is Colorlok Technology?

HP ColorLok Technology: Change the Way You Print

There’s been a lot of buzz about HP’s ColorLok printing paper, but what is HP ColorLok Technology? Simply put, it is nothing short of a scientific breakthrough. Paper with ColorLok Technology provides the very boldest blacks, richest colors and fastest drying times available. Better still, it provides countless other benefits such as improving the recyclability of the paper and reducing paper jams.

Since its inception in 2008, over 2.1 billion reams of paper with the ColorLok standard have been sold, because professionals across the globe are recognizing that the print quality simply can’t be beat. So, what makes ColorLok paper so special?

Improved Print Quality

Print quality is determined by several factors including how efficiently and thoroughly the ink spreads on the paper and how deeply it penetrates the paper’s surface. Paper with ColorLok Technology is manufactured with special additives that react with inkjet inks to ensure that ink is absorbed deeply into the paper. This reaction is what enables printed materials to have a more vibrant appearance than when printed on normal, standard printing paper.

Faster Drying Times

An added benefit of HP ColorLok Technology is that the same technology that allows for richer colors and deeper blacks, also allows for quicker than average dry times. Despite allowing the ink to quickly and deeply penetrate the paper, the additives in ColorLok paper quickly “locks” the pigment to the surface, which greatly reduces drying times, cuts down on smudges and smears, and enables quicker, more efficient printing processes.

Strict Qualification Standards

Look for the ColorLok logo to get the best quality print. Any paper that dons the ColorLok logo on its packaging has been tested and found to provide superior print quality and reliability. All ColorLok papers must meet a concise set of paper surface quality, physical and electrostatic performance metrics across a variety of factors related to image quality, dry time and printer runnability. While there is no single set of additive requirements, the performance requirements are strict and unwavering.

Check out this video to learn more about ColorLok technology and paper!