Thursday, March 05, 2015  04:00 PM | By: Hayley Morphis
How to be the Most Productive Person in your Office

No matter how you spend your day, be it in a mailroom or boardroom, everyone is looking for ways to make their day more productive. Finishing a task and checking it off your to-do list is one of the best feelings in the world and who doesn’t like feeling good?

Take out a notebook, a pen, and take notes of these tips to being a more productive you:


Drink Lots of Water to Stay Productive




Drink water. Being dehydrated will bring down your energy levels.


Use the energy that you have first thing in the morning to steam roll into projects. Wait until the afternoon to check your e-mails.




Wait until the afternoon to check your e-mails. Use the energy that you have first thing in the morning to steam roll into projects.


Stay Productive by Keeping Clutter at Bay.




Keep your clutter at bay. If you don’t have to spend time looking for things, you can stay focused on tasks at hand.


Stay Productive by Always Having a To-Do List




Always have a to-do list so you will always have something to accomplish.


Take Frequent Breaks to Stay Productive




Take frequent breaks because your mind can only focus for a certain amount of time before shutting down.


Natural Light Increases Productivity




You may be surprised to learn that natural light can easily effect how productive you are. Artificial light can cause eyestrain over a period of time.


Social Media Strains Productivity




Stay off social media. When you are ready to take a break don’t check Facebook, instead go on a walk.


Break Down Larger Projects into Smaller Tasks




Break down larger projects into smaller tasks that can be finished in just a few hours. You will feel more accomplished and in turn will be more motivated to continue working.


Look for Completion of Tasks Not Perfection




Don’t look for perfection because more often than not, you won’t achieve it. Know when a job is done well and you can feel satisfied and save perfection for when it is truly needed.


Personal & Financial Drama Decrease Productivity in the Workplace




Leave drama at the front door, which includes your home life and financial problems.


Stop Mulitasking Uncompleted Projects




Stop the need to multitask — it just doesn’t work and you will have a multitude of half-finished projects.


Sleep Equal Productivity




Get enough sleep the night before work. It will allow you to remember more and to concentrate harder.


Don't Take on Tasks You Can't Complete




Remember that you don’t always have to say yes. Your boss would rather have you say that can’t take on another project than you saying yes and not being able to give it your all.


Exercise Your Brain




Take time to exercise your brain by doing a crossword or number game like Sudoku.


Call Instead of Email




Call someone instead of e-mailing them. E-mail is a huge distraction so if your e-mail chain is longer than three e-mails, pick up the phone instead.



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