Tuesday, March 10, 2015  08:16 AM | By: Matt Dow
Keep Your Private Files Private with Fellowes AutoMax
Chosen as one of the North American Office Products 2015 Award Winners and a top pick for an office product of 2015, Fellowes AutoMax has revolutionized our office’s shredding into the future.

North American Office Products Awards
My office, like yours I’m sure, is busy with teams working hard each day. We know all too well, there can seem like there are never enough hours in a day! The AutoMax has been a true time saver.

We simply load the shredder and walk away. It is so simple to use:

Push the button
Walk away

We never have to worry about a paper jam or staples or paperclips getting caught. This truly walkaway shredder works hard for our company. Equipped with new technology, the AutoMax can shred DVDs along with double-sided, color printed, folded, and crumpled paper, accepting up to 500 pieces of paper at once.

Security Breach

The need to protect personal information is more important than ever and we take our data and security seriously - this shredder has helped us achieve this. AutoMax’s SmartLock atomically works its wonders to protect confidential data. By shredding in-house we know exactly who has their hands on data and the confidence that your information has been destroyed. Built to last, we are beyond happy with our choice to invest in the Fellowes AutoMax Shredder line.