Thursday, June 22, 2017  08:16 AM | By: Hayley Morphis
Prepare for Back to School Now

It may feel like you’ve just started preparing for a fantastic summer, but the truth is school will be back in session before you know it. Most schools have already posted the supply lists for the fall, so beat the August crowds and prepare for back to school now. Here are a few ways to stay ahead of the back to school rush.

Plan Your Wardrobe

Plan Kids Wardrobe For Back To School

Find great deals on last season’s winter and spring clothes or be the first to grab the latest summer and fall threads by getting your back to school wardrobe now. Because you are starting early, you will have plenty of time to find pieces that are perfectly suited for you or your special student.

Purchase Your Supplies

Purchase School Supplies

Grab your teachers or school’s supply list and stock up on your office supplies now.. From the coolest backpack and pencil case to the most useful lunchbox on the block, shopping for supplies early allows for more flexibility and better selection, ensuring that your child gets his or her favorite color folders or binders. You can find our favorites here.

Select Your Electronics

Select Electronics

Depending on your grade level of your student, your supply list may also contain electronic items such as scientific calculators, computers, headphones, tablets or other electronics that may be needed to complete the assignments in any given course. Start shopping now, so you can compare products and prices until you find ideal equipment. This is especially true for those heading to college.

Prepare Your Mind & Body

Summer brain drain affects numerous students every summer. Whether your student worked a summer job or slept in each morning and sunbathed all day, the new school year requires some adjustment. Do your best to adjust summer habits as you lead up to the new school year. Start going to bed earlier and rising a bit earlier in the weeks leading up to the first day. This will help students to avoid the exhaustion of adjusting to a new schedule, while learning new people, places and things. Also, be sure to keep your mind sharp this summer. Just because school’s out doesn’t mean you should ignore your brain health. Take the time to read a book each month, do word puzzles or brainteasers, or maybe even learn a foreign language.

By taking your time to prepare for back to school now, you will beat the crowds, avoid the rush, skip the headache and have a hassle-free start to your school year. Want more great tips? Visit our education corner, which features different blog posts for students, teachers, and parents!