Tuesday, July 11, 2017  02:34 PM | By: Matt Dow
Create Stunning Art With Your PrismaColor Highlighter

Can You Use Highlighters To Create Art?

You might already use highlighters in the office or in the classroom, but how about outside of those places? Highlighters can be used to create awesome artwork, too. Below are some of the ones we “highlighted” for you to try at home.

Shattered iPhone Glass

iPhone Highlighter Art

Source: skrillexisokay, imgur.com

Have a cracked iPhone backing, but can’t upgrade your phone for a while? Do what redditor @skrillexisokay did. Grab about four or three different colors of Prismacolor’s Double Ended Art Markers and draw along the cracks. Then, use a paper towel to eliminate excess marks around each of the cracks. Once you’ve finished, cover the cracks with a coat of clear nail polish or clear packing tape to ensure that no other glass shatters.

3 Highlighter Challenge

This is a great project if you want to get your feet wet in creating highlighter art. Call a friend and grab a coloring book. You’ll want to have an assortment of colors to choose from with this challenge, so Prismacolor’s Scholar Art Markers will probably work best. Simply close your eyes or use a blindfold and select three colors. Think of how you can use those three colors within the drawing. The person who does a better job will be the winner!

Personal Art Journal

Highlighter Journal Art

Have you ever created a scrapbook and have wondered how you can enhance the whitespace surrounding photos? Blogger Artfully Carin provides this advice to use what you already have to enhance photos. In this case, you can use highlighters like Prismacolor’s Premier Chisel Double-Ended markers to create clever text boxes that allow you describe where or when a picture was taken. Other things you’ll need to do this include a note pad, glue sticks, highlighter pens, and photographs.

Rainbow Nails

Yes, you can use some school supplies to help give your nails a makeover. This project was originally done by YouTuber Simply Nailogical, and does take some time to complete, but will leave your nails looking great. For this, we recommend using PrismaColor’s Premier Brush Fine Art Markers. You’ll want to apply some glitter nail polish before you use the highlighter to create your design.

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