Tuesday, December 23, 2014  02:51 PM | By: Matt Dow
6 Innovative Ways to Organize Your Office in the New Year

Are you looking to get more creative at work? Work smarter, not harder and keep your stress down. One way to achieve this is to organize your office in a way that is conducive to promote productivity. These types of changes won’t require a wrecking ball or construction crew but you may need various organizational office supplies to help you start off the new year in the right direction.

Desk Organizer Stop hoarding and start purging.
Remember your first day of work and how pristine your desk looked? Work your way through the clutter and various personal items to get rid of everything that is unnecessary. Make use of that shredder! Some say the best way to do this is put everything that is on top of your desk and in your drawers into a box. Once you need the item, you can put it back on your desk and prioritize in order of importance. Use desk organizers to put everything in the right place. Remember, messiness is not always a sign of creativity – sometimes it is simply a sign of disarray.

Get a bigger trash can or move the one you have closer.
While many modern offices are leaning toward the minimalist approach, sometimes bigger truly is better. It is surprising the amount of waste that can accumulate on someone’s desk if the trash can is in an inconvenient spot.

Get in touch with your inner girl- or boy-scout. Be prepared.
Invest in a label maker and always have a supply of blank file folders in your desk. Having everything ready at your fingertips saves you time and energy.

Just say no … to the irresistible freebies given at conferences.
Do you really need that magnet, sticker, or extra pen that hasn’t worked in a year? I know, I know, free stuff is cool. You know what is cooler … having a clutter-free desk.

Create two work zones.
One zone should be used primarily for computer work. The second zone should be for non-computer work. This helps you to organize your mental approach to the task at hand.

Take a picture.
Likely, most of us have phones that are capable of taking pictures. Use it. Sometimes we keep things on our desk to remind us of something or we need it for reference. Since most of us don’t leave the house without our phones, it will be easy enough to flip through and find what we are looking for.

Remember where you work affects how you work. Let us help you organize your office and make your workspace less boring.